Thursday, January 7, 2016

Back to School

Actually, this post is about three months late. I sent my kids back to public school mid-October. So why did my homeschool experiment end after 8 months? Because our lives changed. I always planned on putting them back into public school as I've always liked public school.

When we made the move to West Texas, we knew we'd be traveling frequently back to San Antonio. Also, the schools didn't have particularly high ratings. (It's not always about ratings, I know, and if we'd stayed in West Texas, I'd probably have put them in eventually. I had friends with good, smart kids who went to these schools.) For these reasons, and also I wanted to try it, (more on this here) I homeschooled my kids during that time. And we LOVED it! However, that time was cut short...and fast.

End of the summer, we were told to come back to San Antonio...permanently. While I loved our time in West Texas, I was elated. This is where we belong. My kids have 19 cousins here, lots of aunts and uncles, and their grandma and grandpa. Plus, it's just such a great city. We came back here to look for houses over Labor Day weekend, intending to make the final move at the end of the year. Well, Labor Day weekend ended up being our permanent move. My husband's firm needed him, we were flexible, and my in-laws opened their house to us.

In the following month (ish) we went on an intense house hunt, I was mostly pregnant sick, and my kids' homeschool experience consisted mostly of running around in Grandma's backyard with her cats like wild, feral children. Yes, there was some learning, but I knew it was time...especially with a great school just down the road (the school my husband attended). Their transition back into public school was rough for a couple of weeks, but now they are fine. They are happy, although they still miss those homeschool days. Sometimes I do, too. But needs change with life. And today, I am grateful for public schools and amazing teachers who love my children.