Friday, July 10, 2015

An Angie

Every writer needs an Angie in their writing lives. An Angie reads your work as the roughest of drafts, sometimes as you are writing it, and definitely long before betas get their hands on it. An Angie tells you how wonderful it is, that you are the best writer ever, and even posts on Facebook how brilliant she thinks you are. Sometimes when you read your writing to an Angie over the phone, she cries (on the parts she is supposed to cry on). An Angie makes you believe in your work like nobody else can, especially in those most vulnerable stages of writing, and she keeps you writing. An Angie declares all your work should be published. And you know it needs work and you know being published will take a lot more patience and perseverance, but for now it's just what you need to hear.

Sometimes an Angie goes on family vacations with you because she's also your sister.

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