Friday, June 12, 2015

Things as They Really Are

My son and daughter gave a talk on the Holy Ghost last Sunday during Primary. It was the same talk. J gave the talk for Senior Primary. A gave the talk for Junior Primary. (I whispered a simplified version of the talk into A's ear, which she repeated into the microphone. A couple months ago she refused to give the prayer in Primary. She's come a long way.)

They held up objects which described the different roles the Holy Ghost plays in our lives: A's baby blanket to emphasize how the Holy Ghost can comfort us, a compass to demonstrate how the Holy Ghost directs and guides us, and a mirror.

A mirror because the Holy Ghost helps us see things as they really are. I love that. I love that in this crazy, mixed up world, there is Someone to help me unveil the truth. It's hard to see sometimes. There are so many lies that repeated over and over almost make sense. And so I'm grateful for the discerning power of the Holy Ghost.

For more on the Holy Ghost, read this.

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