Monday, June 22, 2015

The Happiest Place on Earth (Sometimes)

Over a month ago, we went to Disney World. It was a first trip for us. My husband went as a child. I've been to Disney Land, but my kids have never done Disney. And it was THE. HAPPIEST. PLACE. ON. EARTH.

We saw PRINCESSES. We rode lots of rides. (My five year-old had the stomach for Expedition Everest. My eight year-old did not.) We ate lots of yummy food. This was my favorite from the princess breakfast in Epcot's Norway.

I don't often take pictures of my food. Just if it's that good. My children enjoyed the food, too, especially all the fun things we picked up in off-meal times with our snack credits. (Truthfully there was a little bit of stress with those dining credits. Will we have enough? Will we have too many by the time our trip is over?!)

The above is one of the many times K and I sat out on a ride together. Not being a fan of standing in line but sitting in the shade and eating things, this suited me just fine.

My son got to do Jedi Training at Hollywood Studios and fight Darth Vadar in person. Then when Darth Vadar asked the Jedi trainees if any wanted to join the dark side, J raised his hand. (Nice.)

He was also chosen in Fantasy Land to pull the sword out of the stone because he was "small of stature and large of courage."

AND PRINCESSES! (I know I already said that).

A with her new jewelry box. (I didn't expect to actually buy things while I was there. But I did. And so did my mother-in-law. Oh did she.) My little Anna and little Elsa got to see the real Anna and Elsa. It was epic. It was also epic for me because I got a fast pass, and we didn't have to wait an hour and a half.

So PRINCESSES! Darth Vadar! Swords! All the rides! Swimming at the resort! Lots of fun and lots of happy.

But it was also really exhausting. My two year-old became very talented at falling asleep. For the amount of sleep the kids didn't get and the sheer number of long days, they held together pretty well...considering. Even this one.

I'm glad we went. Really.


I was kind of glad to just get that out of our system, and I think I'd like to go to the beach for our next family vacation.

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