Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Day at the Beach

Last week we spent a day on Mustang Island. Ever since J was small, we've made a trip to the Texas coast about once a year.

My kids are so care-free at the coast. I love that they can just let loose and run through the waves and throw sand and dig and dig and let the water run over their toes and find seashells. And they could do it all day long. I love that my (now) three year-old fell asleep in my arms because she was so tired.

(But honestly, it's not as carefree for me because I'm watching out for my kids most of the time, particularly K. She thought she was a mermaid and kept trying to run into the waves to join her under-the-sea family.)

K running out to sea.

A throwing her arms up in excitement because THE OCEAN!

A throwing her arms up in excitement because SEAGULLS! (And also she's feeding them.)

J sitting by the ocean, chilling with his cousin.

K deciding if she can't stay in the ocean, she will bring the ocean back with her...bucketful by bucketful by bucketful.

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