Thursday, May 14, 2015

Skies Like These

Tess Hilmo's Skies Like These was a great library find. Her first novel, With a Name Like Love, has been on my TBR list so naturally I picked this one up when I saw it. It was a quiet book, but I'm finding while I love all books, I lean more toward books with less action and more people. This book was very much about the people.

Jade spends a few weeks one summer with her eccentric aunt in Wyoming. There, she befriends "Roy" Parker, a boy who swears he's descended from Butch Cassidy. He's all cowboy and filled with plans on getting his dad back on his feet again after losing the family business. He tries to talk Jade into a few crazy schemes such as robbing a bank or posing as undercover spies on a ranch. Jade's always there to talk reason to Roy's lawless side, yet she's also filled with ideas (...more lawful) on how to help Roy's family.

It seems the book is more about Roy and less about Jade. Jade's internal struggles really center around Roy's struggles instead of her own. There are some beautiful scenes in this book--the nights spent on her aunt's roof looking at the stars and floating her "worry" boats down the stream. What I loved about this book was how real it felt. Circumstances didn't tie up nicely at the end, but it ended just as it should have--still leaving me with hope and a sense of completion.

And finally, this book was filled with setting in an amazing, transcendent way. Wyoming is beautiful, and I've been there a couple times. But I want to go back and see it again through Jade's eyes. Of course, this time I'll pay more attention to the skies...

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