Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Outside the Kitchen Window

We have this lovely courtyard outside our kitchen window. (I could just call it a side yard, but doesn't courtyard sound so much nicer and more proper?) We also have a larger yard behind the house, but the smaller courtyard has become our outside area. Here we barbecue, play basketball, get wet, and garden. Here the birds come.

There's a bird feeder attached to a tree here in the courtyard. We've enjoyed filling it with birdseed and watching the nature show from the kitchen windows. Today my kids were enraptured by the tiff going on between a squirrel and a dove as they both vied for the feeder. By the time I grabbed my camera with its long lens, the squirrel was retreating. He ended up prowling the ground for dropped seed. Who knew the dove was the more dominant creature?

Enter squirrel.

The dove declares it is HIS feeder. The squirrel retreats.

Dove triumphant.

The second time I put seed out, the birds had a feeding frenzy. At first I thought the sound of the feeding birds was sweet, but honestly it started reminding me of the movie Birds which once sufficiently freaked me out. It started out like this:

and soon became this:

Watch out. We're coming to get you. Chirp.

That evening I sat outside and took a few pictures of the birds that dared come near.

Aside from the moment I thought they wanted to attack my family, the birds have been a welcome sight. My son has even learned a certain birds' call (not sure which bird...) and has called out to it over and over. The girls have followed his example with their cute little imitations. We've looked up a few bird names of these visitors outside our kitchen window. All in all, nature has been an excellent classroom.

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