Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Going Paper and Ink

I love my book that still isn't. I have three books I'm working on, but hands down my favorite is TFFP. While April's writing spree helped, I still feel immobilized by this story. I know what I want it to be. My vision of what this book is to be is so much greater than my last book. I guess I'm afraid of not getting the story out right. I'm afraid of it being sub par. 

But fear isn't going to get me anywhere. I'm trying a new tactic with this book: paper and ink. I've gone paper and ink before, but typing seems to connect my brain better to the manuscript. It's what I'm used to. However, I'm not going paper and ink so that I can actually write the manuscript like I would in a word document. I bought a journal so it could be the ideas and brains before the rest of the manuscript is drafted. This is (some of) what I wrote on the first page, as a sort of memorandum to my writing self.

Fill this journal with a load of back story, character sketches, and scenes that will never be. 
Fill it with ideas that make no sense. 
Edison found 2,000 ways not to make a light bulb work before he succeeded. 
You will find 2,000 ways to not make this manuscript work. 
Nelle and Mr. Snodgrass--their story will one day reach what is in your heart and mind. 
And this journal will get them there. 

Most of all, it will be Messy. And there will be doodles.

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