Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Why I Write

Writing has long been a part of me. It began with stories written on ruled paper that involved my Crush (whoever that was at the time--I had many). Truth is, those stories were way better than an actual junior high relationship because Crush was always sensitive and kind (way beyond his twelve years).

Fictional stories gave way to the drama of high school which I thoroughly chronicled in my many, many journals. I lug these journals around with me every time we move. If we moved to a cottage in Scotland, I would lug them halfway across the world. (I really want to move to a cottage in Scotland. Please, Life, make this happen.)

I had a bucket list when I was young, one of those items being write a novel. (CHECK.) The actual novel writing officially commenced in college. I watched a movie with a college girl like myself who wrote a novel on an iBook. So, naturally I bought an iBook. (What? Isn't that all I needed? The right computer?) Now, three (or maybe four) computers, a wedding, and three children later I've written two novels.

But it's become more than that item on my bucket list (which was probably next to live in a cottage in Scotland). It's become something I have to do. I have so many stories swirling around, STORIES and they can't go unwritten. And okay--a lot of stories that have never been finished and since been laid to rest.

I suppose the bare answer to why I write is I can't not write. I can go awhile without writing which happens often as a mother of three. But I always come back to it.

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