Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Why I Homeschool

I began this journey only a few months ago, but I suppose "experiment" would be a more apt word for it. I do not intend to homeschool my children always. We had a good public school experience. J's teachers were all amazing. J was at the top of his classes. His teachers always said how well liked he was. His kinder teacher even called him her "prom king." He was going to be tested for the gifted program. He was one adjusted, bright, articulate, social, well-liked guy.

We were actively involved. My husband was in the PTA. I was good friends with half the PTA. We donated to our school. We supported the programs. My husband attended the field trips. I volunteered on occasion (partly because my friend was in charge of PTA volunteers). I was room mom. Things were good. Had we not moved, we would have been content to stay in the public schools.

But, we moved. And my husband's new schedule would have him traveling back to San Antonio frequently. We wanted to go with him when he traveled. It just made sense.

But deeper than that, homeschool is something I just wanted to do. I didn't feel compelled to do it. I just really, really wanted to try it. A few of my friends had taken the leap. I loved the idea of teaching my kids. I loved the idea of spending more time with my kids. J was gone so much during the day. A, K, and I always looked forward to picking him up. More days, than not, however, he was so tired and cranky when he got home from all that SITTING. So if I had a strike against public school, it would be mainly that...TIME. (Oh, and all that SITTING.) (So, two strikes.)

I think we'll probably put them back into school in a couple years when we are in a more permanent situation. Then I'll evaluate the year and the child and the option of homeschool intermittently. I have friends who do that, and I think that the middle school years would be a great time to consider homeschool. Bleh, those middle school years. They were not good years for my husband or me. Most people I talk to say the same. Okay, everyone I talk to says the same. (I mean, have you every spoken with somebody who said they loved middle school?) (If you did, in fact, love middle school, I stand corrected.)

Other perks of of homeschool I've discovered: My children spend more time together. I believe that their sibling relationships have strengthened. I get to see them more! (I know, I already said that.) There is less stress at home than at school...especially in a state driven so much by test scores. There is more freedom to do what they want--more time for creative play and more time outside! Family vacations aren't limited to school breaks. They spend more time at home with their family, where their characters and their spirits can form and grow.

At trip to the zoo during homeschool.

This is so right for my family right now, and I am grateful for the opportunity to homeschool my children.

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