Monday, April 27, 2015

Why I am a Mother

It's pretty straight forward, right? I am a mother because I had a baby--three, actually. But for me becoming a mother was something I'd always looked forward to. Family and motherhood are two major tenets of my faith. My mother was a good example to me of what I could become. And deep down it's just what I wanted.

I was a registered nurse for about six years before I "retired" to raise my children. I remember one misty rainy day (I just love those misty, rainy days!) while working at a cardiology office in Kansas City. I took a lunch break, but not the usual eat-quickly-at-my-desk lunch break. That day, I needed a real break. I left the building and walked down to the Country Club Plaza. The Country Club Plaza is a beautiful shopping district in Kansas City filled with statues and fountains and Spanish architecture. It's beautiful--especially in a misty rain with the golden-hued street lights shining off the wet pavement.

I went to Barnes and Noble, of course. I walked through the children's section, and I thought about...not books. I thought about bringing my children to the store and sharing that moment with them. That was a pretty good indication to me that I was ready to be a mom. I yearned for those days of children and wonder over of my days in the doctor's office. (I did love being a nurse, and sometimes I miss it. I may go back to it! But for now--it's all motherhood for me. I do know a lot of amazing moms who manage to be both a nurse and a mom, including a couple sister-in-laws.)

Not too long after this memorable Plaza walk in the rain, I had my first--my one and only boy. J came into our lives ten days early. Three years and three months later, on the nose of a snowstorm, came A. Last but not least (but hopefully not the last) and with the cord around her neck came K just two and a half years later.

Motherhood has been radiant. It has also been hard and sad and painful and delightful and happy and joyful and hilarious. It has brought me to my knees repeatedly. It has refined my soul and my marriage. It has made me who I am.

Why am I a mother? Because it completes me.

The boy who made me a mom. We called him "Jumbo" because he was HUGE.

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