Monday, April 13, 2015

The Magic of Grandparents

My parents drove into town this weekend. It was a short visit--only a few days, but they were a good few days. When we said good-bye, my girls ran down the street waving, stopping on the corner until they couldn't see my parents' car any longer. After they left, K repeated over and over, "I miss Gamma Gamma (Grandma and Grandpa)." So sweet.

There is just so much happiness and magic about grandparents. We are going to see my parents again soon, but we are going to Disney World first. Yet, my kids seem more fixated on the fact that we are going to see Grandma and Grandpa again after Disney World...rather than that we are going to Disney World at all. (This is subject to change as soon as they see what Disney World actually is. They've never been.)

My mom arrived sick, which was sad, but she rested quite a bit while we played with Grandpa. And she did emerge from her sick room Sunday to spend more time with the kids. J, always mindful of others, offered to read to my mom. I found him reading to her on and off throughout the weekend--as she lay on a blanket in a sun and as she lay in her room. I think he made it all the way through (or mostly through) an I Survived book.

Other magical grandparent moments: J playing football at the park with my dad--on three different occasions. (We squeezed in a park every day they were here.) The girls digging in the dirt with spoons and filling up an empty rice container with dirt, rocks, and pill bugs as my mom sat nearby. (It was my mom who said get some spoons and let them dig!)

And for me? I love having my parents visit. Late night talks with my mom. After-dark-ice-cream run with my dad. My mom's never-ending attempts to improve my posture with yoga. (I'm really going to do those exercises this time, Mom--I promise!) And this:

As we were walking back from the park Saturday, the girls got into a screaming fit over who got to pull the wagon. Being a little winded from fight intervention, I let them have at each other. My dad stepped in and quietly explained to them that the could each hold part of the handle and pull together. And they listened. Magic, I tell you.

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