Friday, April 3, 2015

On Easter

I finally pulled out our cute, fuzzy Easter decorations yesterday (of which there are sadly a few). I didn't intend to wait so long to take out the fun stuff, but I'm glad I did. I believe it kept our focus more on Jesus Christ. We worked our way through this activity in the FRIEND. We also watched some of these Bible videos.

Today A asked me to spell Jesus Died. I spelled it for her, and she wrote it out on her little boogie board. (In three lines and no spaces, it looked like this: JES USD IED.) I also reminded her while Jesus did die, He now lives.

I'm grateful that our Savior defeated death through His Resurrection. Death will not be the end for us. There is hope and happiness in that truth. I am grateful that through Christ I am enough.

I highly recommend this video to bring the Spirit of Easter into your home.

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