Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Little Hands Doing

Our hands are some of our most precious means of exploring the world around us. My children are very good at keeping their hands busy. Sometimes their little hands are busy hitting (K) or strewing all the contents of the house onto the floor (all of them), but there are those times when their little hands do lovely things.

Hands playing in leaves.

Hands feeding the cat. (She figured out quickly that plate wasn't going to hold the water!)

Hands playing ball.

Hands playing with cloud dough.

Hands touching fur at the wildlife center.

Hands clutching a wildflower.

Hands hanging from bars at the park.

Hands sharing.

Hands feeling a squishy egg. (Egg soaked in vinegar--try it!)

 Hands building a snowman.

Hands touching her first snow. 

Most of these pictures were taken during homeschooling hours. A perk in the long line of homeschooling perks is more opportunities for hands to be...doing!

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