Thursday, April 9, 2015

Fly Guy

This is a post of appreciation for the FLY GUY books by Tedd Arnold. We've read quite a few. We own some and have picked some up from the library. They're fun and easy reads, comical, and the pictures are entertaining. Most importantly, it's one of the few reading experiences I've had with my kids where I have successfully come up with individual voices for each of the characters...and have been consistent about it.

A, who is five and not yet a reader (see footnote), likes to look at the pictures. J, while he is onto higher reading levels now, read these books as he was just learning how to read. They are perfect for new readers because although they are chapter books, they can be easily consumed in one reading. (It's okay to talk about books like they are food.) And, I recently found him reading THERE'S A FLY GUY IN MY SOUP to his sister. (Best mom feeling ever is when I see J reading to the girls.)

I've always been on the prowl for books that get my son reading, and this is definitely one of my favorites! I highly recommend.

Footnote: She has been bribed with the American Girl Bitty Twins. Once she learns how to read I will fork over $125 for new dolls. Yes, I bribe my kids when it comes to books. J gets a Minecraft Lego when he's ready fifty books. There is no shame in this.

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