Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Camp Nanowrimo

Every November, many writers participate in National Novel Writing Month, and attempt the daunting task of writing an entire novel in one month. The typical length of this "novel" is 50,000 words, and it's an accepted fact in the writers' Twitterverse that NaNoWriMo novels are usually in need of a good revision once drafted. (I mean, all drafts are in need of a good revision, but NaNoWriMo drafts need an immensely good revision because they are written ridiculously fast.) I don't usually participate in NaNoWriMo. My drafts already need so much revision, and the speed of drafting-in-a-month is too daunting for me.

However, I stumbled across Camp NaNoWriMo on Twitter last night and signed up...just a few hours before it began. (Remember, I'm good at doing last minute things?) But I'm not starting a novel from scratch. I'm taking one of my middle grade drafts, the one I think I love most (if I have to pick a favorite), and I'm finishing it. There is so much energy in these mass writing sprees, I'm hoping that will spur me to write the rest (which I estimate will be about 30,000 more words). I'm putting aside my reservations on speed drafting so I can write "the end."

My novel which I shall call TFFP has been growing in my heart (but less so on paper) for over two years now. I began at midnight last night for a late night write-in, not making much progress on my word count (yet) but finally getting unstuck from a spot I'd been stuck on too long. It was very encouraging. Now to write roughly 1,000 words a day...that's all. (This from a person who writes about 500 words on a "good" day.) Wish me luck!

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