Monday, April 20, 2015

Big Brother on Purpose

Last week, inspired by a friend with a fairy garden and a fairy garden sale at our local nursery, we built this:

He found a rock and is writing Silver City, with an arrow pointing to the garden. (The name was inspired by the Boxcar Children, which J has only watched, not read. Next read aloud?)

J, always wanting to make things more interesting and fun, made a mess of the miniature soda bottles after the girls went to bed (enlisting my help). When they woke up in the morning, he showed the girls what fun the fairies had had while they slept.

J excels at being a big brother. He has his teasing moments (oh boy, does he have those!), and he and his sisters have many excellent fights. However, he has just as many happy and fun moments with A and K. He's a great leader, often guiding them in play. He'll set up their dolls, lead them in skits, make up a game, or draw pictures with them. Lately, J has been drawing mansions for the girls. It's really sweet--they peer over his shoulders as he sketches out their dream house on his boogie board. He'll also play the peacemaker at times, attempting to strike a compromise between the girls if they're fighting. (As a mother, I definitely appreciate those moments!)

I try to hug him and thank him when he's playing so well with his sisters. I'm sure I don't do it enough. It's easy to notice the good moments, but I don't always verbalize my appreciation. (On the other hand, when he's teasing and fighting, verbalizing my frustration seems to come so much easier.)

I love this kid. He's such a blessing to our family in innumerable ways, and I believe Heavenly Father placed him first in line on purpose.

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