Friday, April 10, 2015

A Home Filled with Light

I want my children to see this world as a beautiful, wonderful place filled with radiant and interesting people. But it's also a world filled with challenges and trials. There will be people and circumstances in their lives that will certainly buffet them about, and they may very well question their faith.

My prayer is that I can teach my children the gospel, help them cultivate their relationship with their Father in Heaven, and feed their testimony of Jesus Christ. Then, when that dark moment comes (and it will!) in which they must choose between their faith and...whatever else may be...that the decision will not be difficult to make.

I understand my children are beings of free will, and it's possible that no matter what I teach them, their choices may not align with their faith. Which would be sad, but there would still be love. Lots of love. And hope. But as my children are still young, I see how their sweet little minds are so tender and teachable.

I remember how I felt in my home growing up. It was such a peaceable haven for me. There was a lot of love and laughter. We often had friends over, who came back again and again because I think they felt that peace, too. We had a home where the Holy Spirit dwelt. We had a home filled with light. And when I went through my darkest times, I'd often go back to my childhood home in my mind. It pulled me through.

Cheryl A. Esplin, second counselor of the General Primary Presidency, spoke at this year's Women's Conference on Filling Our Homes with Light and Truth. 

In order for us and our families to withstand the pressures of the world, we must be filled with light and gospel truth.

I hope to empower my children with the gospel by teaching them and leading by example. I believe it all comes down to family. I love families. They are so sacred and special and blessed. Families are where we are formed from the very start.

Families are the Lord's workshop on earth to help us learn and live the gospel.

And I believe if I fill our home with light, my children will not only have a chance at impending challenges ahead, but they can also--in turn--be lights to everyone else.

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