Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Ugly Pumpkin

Yesterday, for the Twitter picture book party (#PBparty), we tweeted our favorite picture book. I have many, but the first that came to mind was The Ugly Pumpkin by Dave Horowitz. It's so funny, and there's one phrase in that book my son and I used to quote over and over. (I'd share but it would spoil it all.)

It's The Ugly Duckling with a twist, only it's a pumpkin who believes he's ugly. For all its silliness, there's a sad little moment there in the pumpkin patch at the end...just before the pumpkin discovers the radiant truth about where he comes from.

I bought it for J when he was three or four. Now he's eight, and he still remembers the book--even though we haven't read it for awhile. (Note to self: read The Ugly Pumpkin again to my children.)

I hear a lot of "please, don't send rhyming picture books!" from agents. I realize they know the market and I don't, but I declare that some of my favorite books are rhyming books. I don't think this book would be the same without its clever rhyme.

Another bonus, it's a Halloween book and a Thanksgiving book. Two holidays in one. You don't have to put it away until Christmas. (But really, I don't put it away ever.)

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