Friday, March 27, 2015

The Sum of His Creations

With Spring come warmer days and more time spent outside. We've been to the park every day the last three days--and many more times beside that. (Another homeschooling perk: my children have more time to run and play outside.) Lately, every time I step outside, the beautiful weather and smells of Spring fill my heart with gratitude.

I'm reading about the Creation in my scriptures right now. I didn't plan it that way--reading about the Creation at the advent of Spring. But it works, doesn't it? When Spring comes, I'm always more tuned in to the world around me. Maybe Heavenly Father made the Spring as a sort of seasonal sacrament--a way for us to remember Him. It's a time to showcase the sum of His creations: a tree bent forever by the wind, duck eggs by the pond, the birds calling to each other from the trees, the blue blue blue sky, the sweet smells of blooming plants on the wind...

I believe this world He gave us was meant to soothe and lift as well. Sometime I forget to go outside. I stay inside, busy with wiping and feeding, teaching and cleaning. It's easy to get stuck in those mothering doldrums, but I find the quickest and surest remedy is to step outside. My spirits are often lifted by simply taking a walk or going to the park. And my children are the same...nearly always happy when they're outside.

My kids running along a pond with their cousins. See how happy?

I think they'd be content to live outside, and I hope they learn gratitude as I remind them, "Heavenly Father made this day for us."

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