Monday, March 30, 2015

Picky Sleeper

K is not a picky eater. She has quite the palate, ready to try anything from hot salsa to artichoke dip to hummus. But she has very specific sleeping preferences. They come and go, but whatever they are at the time...they must be followed! Some of her on-and-off again slumber specifications are...

1) The light must be on while she sleeps. If she wakes up and realizes it's off, she will scream for me to turn it on, even if it's two o'clock in the morning.

2) Her blankets must be just so in her crib. Most of the time we get it wrong (even when we get it right). "Not like that, like this!" she admonishes us in this deep, guttural voice that's really adorable. Then she fluffs out her blanket in her crib, smooths out her blanket to the crib's edge, and gently lifts the edge as she slides her feet and legs underneath.

All the times I just wrote the word crib remind me she's probably ready for a big girl bed.

3) Recently, my husband puts her to bed most nights, and we tell the same story every time(creative genius: my husband). It's about a princess, a cupcake dress, dragons, and pancakes. If we get the original wrong--there. is. no. forgiveness. (Enter: adorable deep, guttural voice again.)

4) We each have songs we sing to her. Mine are Oh Lord My Redeemer (a shortened what-I-can-remember version) and Let it Go (also a shortened what-I-can-remember version). Sometimes spiders fall down on the mountain tonight, not a cupcake to be seen, and I get in a lot of trouble for changing the words. (Pretty much bullet point number three, but to music.)

5) Right now she is sleeping with Big Minnie, Little Minnie, and Olaf. This is pretty standard, I think, for a two-almost-three year-old. But she went through a phase, not too long ago, where she fell asleep with random, non-cuddly things (for example: A's EZ-Bake Oven cake mixes or a box filled with solar-powered cockroaches) (a going-away present from a friend) (coolest things ever). After she fell asleep I would slip said objects out of her crib.

6) And books. Before Daddy's Best Story, we were reading books instead, and she'd insist on taking the book into her crib with her--along with any other book she could spot in the room. She'd read them or arrange them around her crib before she fell asleep (kind of like a small child's version of feng shui). (I usually remove the books, too, because ouch.) One day, during a nap, I checked on her after she'd fallen asleep. This is what I found. The book is almost as big as her. I love it.

                                                                Be still my heart.

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