Wednesday, March 18, 2015

It's a Picture Book Party!

I've been participating in a picture book contest and its accompanying Twitter party this week (#PBparty). I love writer Twitter parties--everyone comes together and shares similar ideas, or they pitch to agents. (Now the pitching-to-agents parties are really exciting. I've had two requests for queries come out of #PitMad, and one even turned into a partial request.)

 picture credit Michelle Hauck of Michelle4Laughs

My official foray into writing actually began with a picture book--a new sibling story with magic called CHARLIE NICKEL GETS HIS WISH. Then the desire to become the next Stephenie Meyer interrupted my picture book scribblings, and I attempted to write the YA novel that was heard around the world. (I did write a novel--it was read by me, and I'm not sure I want to read it again. So much for being heard around the world.)

Once I got the whole Steph Meyer thing out of my system, it was onto middle grade and picture books (and no turning back). I'm still querying my middle-grade novel, A HIGH SEAS HEIST. I keep thinking I'm finished, and then another wave of belief in my book will hit. Or an agent will pop up on my radar who I think may like it. Regardless of whether she ends up in print or not, Liza and her high sea antics will always hold a special place in my heart.

I'm working on three middle grade projects now. (I can't decide which one to stick with because I love them all.) And every once in awhile, an idea for a picture book will take hold, and I'll run with it. Now I have a few picture books I'm proud to call my own.

Next week I'll know if I made it to the agent round. While I think my entry is good, I'm sure I disqualified myself by not reading the entry directions carefully enough. (And here I am, always telling my son to read all the directions.) But contests always come with a little adrenaline and a lot of fun.

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