Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Creativity Sparks

J has always been creative. Ever since I began homeschooling him, his creativity has exploded. (Literally exploded. I find pieces of his creativity all over the house.) I attribute this largely to time. Time is one of the reasons I chose to go the homeschool route for now. From my end, it's more time to spend with my kids. From my kids' end--it's more time to Be Kids. (And they are really good at being kids.)

He loves to draw, and he's talented! Neither my husband or I are artistically inclined--so we're not sure where the talent for drawing comes from. I bought him a sketchbook which he has filled with drawings. And lately, he's been creating his own comic book. He even made two (full-color) illustrations for a chapter book I've been working on. I keep these in my desk and look at them now and again. Inspiration for when my mind gets stuck.

Ten points if you can guess what my book is about.

He enjoys writing, and he's been working on his own I Survived story. (He loves the I Survived books by Lauren Tarshis.) Today he built a tooth fairy house out of Duplo Legos for his sisters. Yesterday he directed a play with his sisters. He's working on a book about trolls (inspired by our recent troll escapades from yesterday's post). He made himself an ipad out of paper (with all the app icons). And the make-believe scenarios (time travel, Bigfoot, Jurassic Park) he creates and plays with his sisters are impressively detailed.

For a mom who values creativity as much as vegetables and sunshine, this makes me very happy.

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