Monday, March 23, 2015

Better than a Caterpillar

We recently moved, and we are now in the process of discovering our new city's parks. Last week, my daughters and I visited a park for the first time. J stayed home with my husband because he didn't feel well, and we were left to discover alone. I felt like I found a treasure that day. This park had the usual playground fare, but it had a giant metal caterpillar for my girls to climb and hang from. It had a merry-go-round. I haven't seen a merry-go-round in a playground for years. Maybe they are disappearing with the metal slides and wooden playscapes of yesteryear. And well--disappear it did...

We told J about the very fun playground we'd visited, and I promised to bring him back. Three days later, we drove across town, pulled up to the playground, and...nothing. There was no playground equipment, only a big sandy pit. It looked like a giant had come by and plucked everything up. (Or a city had come by and removed all the outdated equipment for a remodel.) (The giant theory is much more exciting.)

My children were disappointed. I looked up a new park on my phone, plugged in the address on my GPS, and this is what we found when we arrived.

Disappointment resolved. That's a three-story slide. It also has swing shaped like a bowl and this wavy ride-on...thing. (Yeah, yeah. I'm sure real, technical words exist for these play structures.) J kept calling it the playground from the future. What started out as a setback to our afternoon ended up being pretty amazing. (Cue analogy for life.) In fact, I kind of feel bad for that old caterpillar and merry-go-round. My kids recovered so quickly. (Moment of silence for dead playground equipment.)

Another bonus: there's a duck pond. And a bridge with a troll under it. (Really, a big, hairy troll that chased my children across the football field.) (Okay, the troll looked like me.)*

*Disclaimer: While I spend LOTS of time with my children and write creative children's books, the make-believe-play part of me doesn't surface very often. However, my kids are bosses at playing make-believe with each other. BOSSES.

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