Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bead by Bead, Word by Word

The other day K, who is two, strung beads. These weren't jumbo-sized toddler beads, but beads meant for the dexterity of five or six year-old fingers. It was a little awkward. Her fingers fumbled with the plastic string and the tiny hole. Occasionally, she'd drop it all and beads would fall off. Then she'd pick it up and continue again. She refused any help, and she didn't lose her temper once (which surprised me with how many times she dropped it). With incredible patience, she spent half an hour creating this:

(A necklace? Bracelet? Keychain? I just see two little, chubby, kissy hands.)
It takes a long time to write a book. A. Long. Time. It took me a year to draft A HIGH SEAS HEIST. It took me a year and a half to revise it. (During this time I also had a baby and moved three times. Plus, I think I'm slow. Other writers can probably manage this writing-a-book thing much quicker.)

I suppose the knowledge of how long it takes to write a novel makes writing difficult now. And part of the reason (just part) I'm working between three WIP's is that I get impatient with the unfinished state of one and jump to another. (Crazy idea--if I actually stuck to one, I'd probably have a finished manuscript by now.)

K's beads hang over my computer now (next to their twin which was strung by A). They remind me that just as she patiently created something bead-by-bead, I can do the same word-by-word. It may take some time and fumbling through. It may fall apart a few times, but in the end I'll have my book again.

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