Monday, May 20, 2013

LDS Writer's Blogfest

Thirty-five years ago two young missionaries knocked on the door of a white trailer with black shutters. A young girl, barely twenty, answered. She had a one year-old and a husband who was not yet twenty. This girl and her husband had very different upbringings. He grew up in a strict Catholic home. She grew up as a child of alcoholics. But they wanted the same thing, which was something more for the family they were creating together. And so the missionaries taught them the gospel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and they found that something more. They joined the church within the year, and after I was born we visited the Salt Lake Temple where we were sealed as a forever family.

If this wasn't a blog post of a more spiritual nature, I might make fun of my mom's hair and my dad's mustache.

I had a beautiful upbringing. It wasn't perfect as life goes, but I remember it as pretty near perfect.

Ha! Not that perfect, but I love this picture. (Still holding back on comments about the hair.) 

We loved each other. We always laughed. Every day we laughed. My four siblings and I were close. We did a lot together as a family, and those are my best memories. Not with friends. But with family.

My LDS faith was intertwined with my happiness growing up. I can't really separate one from the other. I'm happy because of my faith, because of my relationship with my family, because of my relationship with God.

What my parents built from that fragile little beginning is so powerful. A few years ago, our family experienced a difficult trial, one which brought us to tears, to our knees. But the way all of us, including our spouses, came together confirmed to me the eternal and ethereal nature of family. Heavenly Father blessed us. He still blesses us.

Now I have the chance to build something amazing with my little family, my husband and three babies. My whole life is them. I see my Heavenly Father's hand in our lives every day. I see Him when they wake up in the morning and rub the sleep from their eyes. I see the divinity of His creation when she nibbles on my face because she's cutting four teeth at the same time. I see the blessings of eternity when we stay at the table even after dinner is over so we can talk and laugh.

I see the face of God in them.

I bear my testimony of the eternal nature of families. And I bear my testimony that Heavenly Father is real, that he is there and cares about you. Whether you had the "perfect" upbringing or your parents were alcoholics, He knows you. He wants you to be happy.


  1. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story of faith and love. My family is everything to me as well and I'm so grateful for the glue of the gospel to help us stay together. We're all pretty stubborn. ;)

    My favorite time is sitting around and making up lame jokes together. And they are lame! But so much fun to laugh and just be ourselves. What a blessing.

  2. Thank you for sharing this, I love the story and the pictures.

  3. What a beautiful, touching post. Thank you so much for sharing the things that are so precious to you!

  4. You are an amazing lady and such a good mom. I learn from how you are able to notice and capture those small, happy moments. I can't repay you for all you've done for me, which bugs me, but I hope you know I have cherished our short time as friends! I love to hear how your parents accepted the gospel and how it's blessed you so incredibly. I feel the same way about it.

  5. Wow, I'm late to this party, but I loved the pictures (hair and all), and I especially loved the message. My family is everything to me too. My grandfather and grandmother on my dad's side had this same experience when my dad was just a baby. I've been so blessed that they found the "something more" as you say.