Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Me, a Mustache, and a Sick Little Girl

Blogger Shallee McArthur is doing a great giveaway for author-in-need, Chad Morris - who wrote this beautiful post about why his debut novel, The Inventor's Secret, is being put on hold for now. And so while this author is taking care of his sweet little girl, the author/writer community is coming together to promote his book for him. His little girl loves mustache pictures, and so to brighten her days many have been posting them online.

Here is mine:

Shallee is giving away a pages and query critique, a copy of Chad's novel, and a query critique from her agent. You can enter by blogging/tweeting/facebooking your biggest secret or your own mustache picture to happify Maddie. 

My secret is that you can add mustaches to your pictures here. Okay, a better secret is that the new book I'm working on has aliens.

I'm probably not the first you heard this from. I looked at Chad's Amazon rankings yesterday and then again today. It jumped from in the 14,000's in books to in the 2,000's today. A lot of people are giving this debut novel and author a chance while a dad takes care of his sweet child's life, and that makes me more happy than mustache pictures.