Sunday, February 10, 2013

And Done! (for now)

Last night I sent my book to my beta readers. This was a very big moment for me, having my book "ready" enough to be read (and critiqued) by others. When I looked ahead to this moment, I thought I'd bake myself a cake. But I didn't. Instead, I went upstairs and did some laundry. I edited my book twice before I sent it out, and maybe that was too many times for something that may still change a lot based on the feedback I get from my readers. But I felt like my manuscript deserved it. It was like sending my child to school in clean clothes even though they'll be dirty in an hour. So without further adieu, here is my (in-progress) query so you have a better idea of this book I wrote.

A Pretty Pirate Pickle

The luxury cruise ship, Scandinavian Sapphire, only survives the high seas because Liza, daughter of Captain Owen, checks for icebergs every sunrise, sends POGs (pukey old guys) to the ship’s infirmary, and rids the ship of any and all vermin—particularly the peg-legged, eye-patch-wearing type of vermin.

Her mild obsession with the bestselling Pirates and Princesses series has no connection to her suspicions that Henry Weston, the “resident guitarist,” is a bona fide scallywag schooled by Blackbeard himself. And he’s in love with Liza’s aunt Mel, who looks past Henry’s Jack-Sparrow-like qualities and sees only roguish handsomeness, a rawther lovely British accent, and charm more sparkly than the ship’s million-dollar jewel exhibition which Liza is sure Henry’s after—because nothing says “pirate booty” like crown jewels from every country in the Baltic.

Mysterious meetings in Denmark, too many “band practices,” and alleged tampering with the security cameras has Liza convinced her suspicions are correct, and there is nobody to help stop the heist except Tilly, her friend-of-the-week, and Liza’s iguana, Iggy—who, face it, can’t help her because he’s a lizard. But Liza is determined to save the ship, her daddy’s hat, and Mel from the evil clutches of dread pirate Henry.


  1. Love the query and can't wait to ready the book.

  2. I echo Patti. Great query. Intriguing book!

    Congrats on getting it done enough for betas!

  3. sounds like a book my kiddos would love to get into! great job on getting 'er done! good luck with the editors!

  4. Congratulations to you! That's a HUGE accomplishment.

    And sounds like a very fun book. Just my type! :)

  5. This sounds hilarious! Congrats on getting it off to beta readers.

  6. This sounds so fun! Congrats on getting so far in the process! I'd love to beta read for you if you need someone! Otherwise I guess I'll wait like the rest of humanity :)