Thursday, September 27, 2012

When Is My MS Beta Ready?

I am about twenty pages from the end of my first major edit. It has taken a lot longer than I thought it would, but doesn't it always? EVERYTHING always takes longer than I think it will (said I to myself last weekend when our beach vacation ran several hours behind schedule).

Since I finished my draft, I moved. And I had a baby. And added sixty-five pages to my book. So I have my reasons. Oh, and I'm slow. I guess that's reason #1.

As I've plugged through this edit, I've made even more notes that I want to address on a second edit. It will be more of a "clean-up" edit, tucking in ends and such. But, the truth is I could EDIT FOREVER. Which begs the "nice" is your draft before you send it to your betas???

I realize there is a point at which my edits will just be me chasing my own tail (if I had a tail and I don't) because I won't see my MS clearly anymore. And I'm very excited to present it to my beta readers and step back from it for a little bit so I can start another, new project that has nothing to do with cruise ships, rogue iguanas, or charming pirates.

Tell me, I'd love to hear your experience with betas.