Sunday, May 13, 2012

In Honor of Alice Demske Hansen on Mother's Day

Last week Alice gave birth to her third child, her first daughter. During delivery she contracted "childbed fever"--a disease that once claimed a lot of lives but is extremely rare now. She died not long after her daughter was born. And it's left a widow with two small boys and a newborn.

I went to church with Alice while my husband was in graduate school. I didn't know her well, but I have friends that did. She's been on my facebook page and in my mind since I found out. It's just so sad...such a rare and happenstance infection. She was strong and healthy, and now her family doesn't have her anymore-at least in this life. And it's Mother's Day. Can you keep her family in your prayers?

Here is a link to a post and family fund set up by her sister-in-law. See how beautiful and full-of-life?

Happy Mother's Day, Alice. You are still beautiful and full-of-life and only awaiting the day when you will be reunited with your family again.


  1. How sad! I will be praying for the family. I did not know women still got childbed fever.

  2. I read this on your Facebook. It's so sad, my prayers are definitely with the family.

  3. That is so so awful. My heart goes out to her family. Makes you want to hug your kids even closer. So sad.