Thursday, May 10, 2012

Am I Having a Fall Out With Blogging?

It's funny that when my writing REALLY picks up, my blog posts do the opposite. Or maybe there is a direct correlation? Anyway, there have been so many times I open my blog, read my last post, and think..."I have nothing to say." Then I read other people's blogs (I read them! I really do!) and when I consider commenting, I think..."I have nothing to say." Why so boring? I have a lot to say while writing and editing my book. But maybe that's because I'm a ten year-old girl obsessed with pirates in my book. Not a 31 year-old pregnant woman.

So yes, I suppose my real-life self is much more boring. When I'm not working on my book I'm focusing on this gestating business, which usually involves naps, food, and thinking about naps and food. Who wants to hear about that? You do? Okay. Today I ate... Um, just kidding. But I want to be a blogging person again. I've just lost my blogging groove. What about you? Have you ever been at odds with blogging? Did you ever get your groove back?


  1. I definitely have a love it / frustrated by it relationship with blogger. I like taking breaks now and then but then I find it harder to get back into it. I think gestating is a perfect excuse not to blog too much. I wish I had that excuse, actually ... wait... no I don't.

  2. I've been at odds with blogging since October. I've just let other aspects of my life take over. I haven't been writing as much as I would have liked either. I'm getting ready to get back on track.

    1. I suppose it's those other aspects of our lives that SHOULD take precedent over blogging. And not the other way around. However, sometimes I do miss it.