Tuesday, May 22, 2012

When Google Taught Me More About Denmark Than Denmark Taught Me About Denmark

As some few may remember, I took a 10-day Baltic Sea cruise a few years ago. With a two year-old might I add, who oddly enough remembers details about the cruise that I don't remember. It's crazy, the memory that kid has. Or maybe it's crazy the memory I don't have.

But I digress.

My book is based on that Baltic Sea cruise. Liza visits all the same countries I did. When I drafted, I went mostly off memory and did a little Internet searching for details I had trouble remembering (really, I'm sure there is some correlation between having children and losing brain cells-especially the memory ones).

However, as I edit now, I've focused more on setting and fleshing out those details. Details like...the eastern view through the Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen. I didn't pay attention to that then, but it became important to my story. Now, I've been familiar with Google Earth for awhile, which is amazing. Usually, when I've used Google Earth, I've zoomed in far enough so that the well-known landmarks become computer generated, but all the other details are flat. Well, there is also a function where you can zoom into a street view, and basically take a "3D" walk through Cophenhagen. (Maybe this is news to no one but me, but I was excited.)

Then there are details that I just never learned while visiting there because, to be honest, our off-the-boat country jaunts were kind of random and unplanned. I've found things through Internet searching (travel blogs are great) to fill in those gaps. It makes me wish I had paid more attention while I was there, but I had that two-year old who was only interested in slides and throwing rocks.

Traveling gave me a good foundation for how the story unfolds in those countries, but my story wouldn't be the same without the Internet. And the Internet is cheaper than a plane ticket. And I don't have to move off this couch. Which reminds me...about 5 weeks until baby. Which is forever in end-of-pregnancy time.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

In Honor of Alice Demske Hansen on Mother's Day

Last week Alice gave birth to her third child, her first daughter. During delivery she contracted "childbed fever"--a disease that once claimed a lot of lives but is extremely rare now. She died not long after her daughter was born. And it's left a widow with two small boys and a newborn.

I went to church with Alice while my husband was in graduate school. I didn't know her well, but I have friends that did. She's been on my facebook page and in my mind since I found out. It's just so sad...such a rare and happenstance infection. She was strong and healthy, and now her family doesn't have her anymore-at least in this life. And it's Mother's Day. Can you keep her family in your prayers?

Here is a link to a post and family fund set up by her sister-in-law. See how beautiful and full-of-life?

Happy Mother's Day, Alice. You are still beautiful and full-of-life and only awaiting the day when you will be reunited with your family again.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Am I Having a Fall Out With Blogging?

It's funny that when my writing REALLY picks up, my blog posts do the opposite. Or maybe there is a direct correlation? Anyway, there have been so many times I open my blog, read my last post, and think..."I have nothing to say." Then I read other people's blogs (I read them! I really do!) and when I consider commenting, I think..."I have nothing to say." Why so boring? I have a lot to say while writing and editing my book. But maybe that's because I'm a ten year-old girl obsessed with pirates in my book. Not a 31 year-old pregnant woman.

So yes, I suppose my real-life self is much more boring. When I'm not working on my book I'm focusing on this gestating business, which usually involves naps, food, and thinking about naps and food. Who wants to hear about that? You do? Okay. Today I ate... Um, just kidding. But I want to be a blogging person again. I've just lost my blogging groove. What about you? Have you ever been at odds with blogging? Did you ever get your groove back?