Thursday, March 15, 2012


Has it really been a month since my last post? I've been distracted. I finished reading through my novel and making note of everything that must be changed, which is a lot...too much to think about. Then I put it aside so I could pack up and move for the third time in thirteen months. Fortunately this move is semi-permanent...that is, longer than 6 months...and a good move because cohabitation is not my favorite. Unless you are my husband or my children and then cohabitation is my favorite.

We moved last Monday and I've been trying to get my house in order, but unpacking while pregnant and with small children is no easy feat. Actually, bending over and picking something up is no small feat right now. So here I am again in my somewhat-less-chaotic-than-yesterday house. I did make a plan to start my edits officially halfway through March. My goal is to have them done in a couple months and ready to send out to my betas so I can have a little time to nest before my baby comes. Or so I can have a little time to sit and do nothing, especially if that nothing includes not bending over. It's just so hard.

And my post title? Well, I've had a thing with names in this book. I just changed my MC's name for the third time. Who does that? Usually not me. I also changed a minor character "Rob" to "Logan." Thing is, when you do the "replace all" function in Word, it isn't just the proper "Rob" that is changed but all the little mini "robs" that are crowded into other words. Hence, her lucky "robe" becomes her lucky "logane" and a "problem" becomes a "ploganlem." But mostly I just realized after reading "ploganably" too many times how much I use the qualifier "probably."

Do you do many name changes after you write your first draft? Do you think moving three times in thirteen months sounds crazy, too? Any advice for getting through the next few months without having to bend over?