Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Love

Heidi passed on the Kreativ Blogger award to me, and so I must list 10 interesting thing about myself. And since it is Valentine's Day...

Ten Things I Love That Are Interesting

1. I love my husband. We do not celebrate Valentine's Day on Valentine's Day as a rule, however. The restaurants are much less crowded a few days later. We are going out Friday night, and I'm going to order DESSERT! (I mean, how often do you really order dessert when you go out to eat? Me? Never.) (And since I'm pregnant, maybe I'll order two.)

2. I love my son. He always asks long and intricate questions that require long and intricate answers...and sometimes at night, after tuck-ins and lights-out. So I sit down at his bedside and explain life to him in a smooth and loving voice....Okay, last night I said, "Let's have this conversation tomorrow." (The other day, I had to explain the nervous system to him.)

3. I love my daughter. My daughter is finally figuring out the talking thing. (Both my kids are late walkers, talkers, potty-trainers, etc. But both are extraordinarily intelligent.) Her new favorite words are "No" and "Go" which she uses in a loud screech like this: "No, Mama. Go. Go. Go, Mama. No." Usually when she is doing something naughty. Which is 27 times a day.

4. I love Jane Austen. I got sick a couple weekends ago and read Sense and Sensibility for the fifth-ish time. And then Jane Austen started narrating my life to me in my head. My life in her witty, elegant British voice sounds much more interesting than I could make it. Oh, Jane.

5. I love beautiful weather. We've had a few cold days in South Texas lately, but today was seventies and breezy and nice. Funny how spoiled I get. I used to live in Kansas where a forty or fifty degree day in February was a treat. Here, I hunker down inside and scowl at the Evil, Cold Outside World.

6. I love my book. I've been taking a break, but have been rewriting sections as they come to me. I intend to start a big read-through any day now and start taking notes on what needs changing. This book has been kind of a joy to write. We'll see if I can say the same thing about editing.

7. I love libraries and bookstores and checking blogs and New Ideas and Words and all the things that make us who we are as writers and book-lovers.

8. I love the Cooking Channel and Food Network. It's my happy place on TV. And there is something about the chopping of vegetables perfectly with a sharp knife that is just so...relaxing. Not when I chop vegetables. That's not relaxing. And then sometimes I cut myself. That's not relaxing either.

9. I love checking things off in my planner. Then at the end of the day I can look back at all my check marks. Sometimes I add things that I already did and then check them off...just so I can have more check marks. This is normal behavior, I'm sure.

10. I love a clean house. And the dream of one day being able to afford to pay somebody that is not me to come in and clean my house. In fact, whoever that person, is...I love that person, too.

Happy Valentine's Day

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The End of Pirates and Pickles

First I said I'd finish my book by the end of the summer. Then by Halloween. Then by the end of the year. Then by the end of January. Okay, so my goal was...modified several times. Anyway, I finally finished my book yesterday.

Yesterday morning, Jummers was whining about how he wanted to do something FUN. And since I only exist so that my children can have FUN, I made him a deal. "If you let Mommy finish her book, we can go get something yummy at the bakery."

I had a few small scenes left so I thought it was completely reasonable. I don't get much writing done with my kids awake, but I. was. so. close. And Jummers was agreeable. However, his little sister was not. And really, those last few scenes took much longer than I thought they would...so on the very cusp of finishing we went and "celebrated" early because my son's patience was wearing very thin and Little had permanently hung herself on my arm.

So when Jummers had a football cupcake and about 200 grams of sugar inside of him and during Little's nap, I finished in the afternoon, and even though my book still needs a lot of work...I'm proud of it. This first draft is much better than my first book's first draft. It was more planned and plotted and therefore is more cohesive, yet it felt very spontaneous. I never really knew for sure what my main character would say (who has had a name change from Bonnie to Annie by the way...long story). And I like her.

So a couple weeks off then I'm going to edit this beast before I send it to my betas. My first book needed a completely-from-scratch rewrite, and this book does not. Which is a relief. A don't-look-back-at-your-first-draft-because-it's-too-awful-while-rewriting is a daunting task.

Now, I was thinking I've never really set out to edit my own book. I've edited other's books, I've done continual editing of pieces of my work, but not my own book in one whole chunk. I have some ideas how I'm going to proceed, but I'd love to know your editing methods:)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

When the Villain Monologues

I realize January is over and that was my latest finish-my-book deadline. However, I am down to the last few chapters. Writing comes in tides and waves. On Sunday night I wrote for three hours straight. It was the longest I think I've ever written at one time without getting up. Not once. And I'm pregnant! Now that I think of it, I'm not sure how I never got up once to use the bathroom. The only explanation is that writing and my kidneys have a direct relationship with one other. So, Sunday night I wrote over 3,000 words and I thought "Surely, I will finish this book by the end of this month!" (However, I didn't really think the word 'surely.' And there was no exclaiming in my head.)

But the last few days I've been working on the villain-captures-the-heroine-then-meets-his-demise-scene. It's been rough. And now that I'm finished, I see that it needs to be completely rewritten and is already littered with notes for change. (But that can wait until later.) However, I resorted to the whole villain-tells-his-evil-schemes-to-heroine-so-that-reader-can-know-how-he-managed-to-get-this-far device. Remember the scene in The Incredibles when Syndrome starts telling Mr. Incredible about his evil plot, then says, "You got me monologuing! I can't believe it!"

Well, I have my villain monologuing, and I need another device.