Friday, January 20, 2012

The Awkward Stages of Growing Babies and Books

I'm 17 weeks pregnant today, and in spite of my efforts to eat healthy and not exercise (but it's sooooo hard and sitting is so much fun!) I am bigger at this point than I have been in my previous pregnancies. It's that in-between stage where it's not quite clear if I am fat or pregnant. Also my clothes are too tight, but my maternity clothes are too big-so I can wear my barely buttoned (or not buttoned) jeans OR keep pulling my maternity pants up. And if I pick my daughter up and carry her, she has this way of wedging her ankle into the back of my maternity pants like a stirrup. Only my pants don't hold up as well as a stirrup.


I've been less than 10,000 words away from the end of my pirate book for much too long. I even have the end completely plotted out, which is nothing like writing the end of my last book in which I just wrote it blindly and hoped it turned out okay. (It didn't.) However, there was the whole pregnancy sickness thing that pushed me back. Then Christmas. Then I started working on another book, a book I started awhile ago while I was still writing Pieces of Moon. I felt like the characters in my book were passing me by on their cruise ship waving at me to notice them. And I was ignoring them. Well, okay, I started noticing them again a couple of days ago. So we're back on board. (Back on board...heh heh...clever.)

I'm so close I can taste it. Can I finish before the end of January? I know I can. Plus, next month we are moving again. We've been living with my in-laws since the end of the summer, and I'm excited to get into our own house. It's been a good temporary living situation, but I've never appreciated the independence of running my own household until recently. Also, my in-law's house is too big for a two year-old, and my daughter keeps running away from me and getting lost. So I have to keep finding her. Hopefully I'll find her before we move.


  1. I always hated that stage of in between fat and pregnant looking. Fortunately or unfortunately, it doesn't last long.

    As for the pirate book. You so need to finish it, so I can read it.

    1. I choose "Fortunately." I'd rather look pregnant than fat. I wrote over 2000 words today. The end is near.

  2. Ah, the awkward, 'Is Jessie gaining weight or is she pregnant' phase. Love that phase. :) And yes, hurry and finish your book already.

  3. Yes, I want to make a tee shirt that says, "Not fat, just pregnant, so go ahead and ask." I'll send you one so you can never wear it since you are done having babies.

  4. Thanks for the vote of confidence. I am not looking forward to the re-reading part. I'm thinking of setting aside my manuscript for about a month before peeking at it again.

  5. I hate that stage of being pregnant. I always wanted to wear a sign that said - I'm pregnant, not fat - but never did.
    We stayed in my parents' house while we were building and I was pregnant with our second. My parents have a big house, and it was NOT fun chasing my two-year old around that house pregnant. Sigh. I totally get that.
    Hope you get your MS done on your schedule - or not too far off from it.
    I'm glad you can function while pregnant - I just throw up the WHOLE time. I'm excited for your move into your own place!