Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Sequel Soapbox

I recently read a YA book which was just okay. However, I finished it because there were so many loose ends and I wanted to see how they were going to be all tied up. And they weren't. I have to wait a year for the sequel. But the thing is, I'm not going to read the sequel. I don't care enough about the story to immerse myself into the world again in a year.

The truth is, even if it is a book that is more than just okay, I still don't always read the sequel. I've found lately that I'm really not a sequel girl. In fact, I'm becoming a little annoyed with books with sequels because I feel like so many books should not have sequels...that the sequels just drag out a story that should be wrapped up in one book, not three. I've read sequels that are honestly a little painful because the story just seems too the author is dragging it out just to make it to the last book.

There are exceptions of course. Sometimes sequels work very well. And I think some multiple-book series work well, especially with children's books such as The Boxcar Children, where each book is a separate adventure almost independent of the other books in the series. I'm also a fan of companion novels where you can enter the world of the novel again, but each book completes its own story. A good example of this is Shannon Hale's Books of Bayern.

And as a writer, I like to wrap up my story in one book. I don't like to have loose ends. And when I finish the story...well, I think I'm done with it.

What are your feelings about sequels?


  1. I'm getting a little burnt out with some series. If someone tells me about a book that just recently came out and I find out it's the first in a series ... sometimes I avoid reading it. I do like some though. I really have a hard time with second books in a series though. The second book tends to be filler and usually makes me want to throw the book across the room when I'm finished. :P

  2. I was just thinking about this the other day and how lots of books aren't holding my interest long enough to want to read the sequel and like Chantele, I find the second book the hardest to read.

  3. I am not a sequel gal either...except for Harry Potter. I did read all of those. Took me forever to read the last one a way, I think I didn't want the books to end.

    Loved Boxcar Children when I was a kid. My daughter reads them now which is fun.

  4. I'm not a fan of sequels either. I do think some are done well, but for the most part, I agree with you here. Most are dragging out a story that could have been told in one book.

  5. I always try to make my books stand alone with only a few over arching plot questions remaining for the next book. I hate the endings that don't give the reader any satisfaction at all.