Thursday, October 20, 2011


So, I mentioned my WAKE UP AND WRITE blogfest idea a couple days ago. (Wake up an hour early for one week to write.) A few of you were interested. And Candice is going to cheer us from the sidelines. Now to get this thing going. At first I considered next week....but that's much too fast.

Then after next week, there is November...which is also NaNo. But oh that first week in November! Halloween and up all night and children on sugar highs! Who wants to start a WAKE UP AND WRITE blogfest like that?

What about the second week of November? Some of us may be coming down from the very-beginning-of-NaNo high and need that extra boost. (I don't plan on doing NaNo. I'm not a NaNo person, just like some of you aren't morning people.) And it gives us a couple weeks between now...and then.

If I were really cool I'd do a link list and a button. But I'm not that cool. (Mostly because I don't know how.) (And because I don't think my link list would be very long.) (Maybe next time.)

Those of you interested, let me know if the second week of November works for you.

Update: Wake Up and Write Blogfest is the THIRD week of November (November 14 to 18), and I even figured out how to do a link list!


  1. Give me a T. T! Give me an I. I! Give me a R. R! Give me an E. E! Give me a D. D! What's that spell? TIRED! Who's going to be tired? JESSIE!

    How am I doing? I'm just warming up for the real deal. Inspirational and motivating isn't it.

  2. Writing in the morning doesn't work for me (tried at failed at that before), but I think this is a fabulous idea anyway! I'll join Candice on cheering ya'll on!

  3. I'm going to give it a try. Writing at night doesn't seem to be working for me right now, so I might as well change things up.

  4. I'll do it! I get up early anyway! :D Awesome idea, Jessie! :)

  5. I won't be involved because of my aversion to mornings, but best of luck with this!

  6. So, Kelli, Chantele, Patti, and Myrna are a go so far! I'm excited. Maybe I'll make a link list after all. Oh, and an honorary cheerleader link list. Or something.