Monday, October 3, 2011


High school musical auditions. My senior year. I sat among friends laughing, talking, and looking very much an upperclassman. Oh those poor insecure freshmen sitting alone...or perhaps with their one middle school friend they'd dragged along to the auditions.

I looked forward to my third year as a chorus member. (Dancing and I were enemies. Singing and I were barely friends.) Yes, another year in a chorus with friends that made me smile. With a director I always secretly laughed at because she thought she was a rock star. With boys who had nice voices which made them cute even if they weren't.

I had practiced a song of my choice: I'm in Love with A Wonderful Guy from South Pacific. It was fun and catchy. It didn't have any of those CRAZY high notes that made me look ridiculous.

I wasn't the first to audition. There were others that went before me including some of those poor, unfortunate freshmen. They were so scared, so unexperienced. Remembering my own freshman audition, I sent them sympathetic smiles.

I watched as yet one more freshman girl stood to deliver her performance. And then...

I expect everyone of my crowd to make fun
Of my proud protestations of faith in romance

She was singing my song! And she was REALLY good. What's a girl who's in love with a wonderful guy to do?! I couldn't very well scream, "No, you are not corny as Kansas in August! I am. I am as normal as blueberry pie. Not you!"

So instead I waited patiently. Then when it was my turn, I stood. I handed my music to the pianist, who probably thought she was experiencing de ja vu. I sang my song and when I got to the chorus I sang...nay, I belted...

I'm in love. I'm in love. I'm in love. I'm in love. I'm in love with a MORE wonderful guy.

Then we all laughed. I got a chorus role. Talented freshman girl got a leading role. And we lived happily ever after as all high school stories go.


  1. Too funny! Great story.

    I never actually tried out for any plays in high school. They interfered with sports. :) But I always thought it would have been fun!

  2. What a great story! I wish I could've picked my audition pieces myself. Our choir director always made everyone sing the same song in auditions, based on your voice part: an alto solo, a soprano solo, etc., from the play we were auditioning for. Had to have been a bit boring for him!

  3. HA. Aww, this brings back warm memories of my own theater days in High School. And the musicals were always my favorite. Good times, good times.

  4. I just think you're brave for singing a solo in public. I never could have done that. I can barely sing hymns in church.

  5. Ah, yes...those beloved musical theater days. Love your little ad lib there. Too funny. :)

  6. That was an awesome story!! I can totally see it all!

    I'm with Patti. I think you are so brave for even singing in public. And if you danced, too... I bow down.

  7. Janet-And I sometimes wish I had done sports.

    Laurel-Yeah, while our director thought she was a rock star, our choral director was pretty cool.

    Renee-I love how so many writers did theater. I wonder what the connection is...

    Patti-I would have been less shy if I had a good voice. My sister was given all the good-voice-genes, and she left none for me.

    Kelli-But alas, it didn't give me a lead role...not that I could have handled it.

    Heidi-Well there was that baton that flew out of my hand during JOSEPH and clattered across the stage. There was little bowing to me then...

  8. Kudos to you for trying out! I love plays but never got into musicals. Fun story. :-)