Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How is My Morning Experiment Going?

If you recall, about three weeks ago I declared I was going to wake up before my children and write. So how is it going?

Week 1: I woke up 3 times before my kids that week. My muse would go right to work and write 800+ words in an hour. I wrote a lot. I finished outlining my book, and I was happy.

Week 2: My children, namely my daughter, met secretly and decided to start waking up earlier so that I could not write. I woke early a few times that week and tried to write, but I had company.

Week 3: I didn't wake up early last week. Mostly I was grumpy. Very little writing got done. Enough said.

Week 4: My children aren't waking up early anymore, and I've gotten up to write this week. My brain isn't quite as prolific as it was a few weeks ago (is it me or is it the scene?) but I really feel that this Waking Up Early business is how I'm going to make my writing work to for me.

When I declared my morning intentions, a couple of you mentioned the desire to do it yourselves. So I started thinking that maybe I could start a WAKE UP AND WRITE blogfest, setting aside one week to wake up an hour ahead of schedule to write. Sort of a jumpstart to NaNo. (By the way, for me this means going to bed one hour earlier. Otherwise, I'm a mess.)

It's not practical for everyone. Some of us just are not morning people. If everyone says, "not for me" that's okay, too. What do you think?

And one more thing! There is a first 20 pages critique giveaway over at Dear Editor. You have until tomorrow to enter.


  1. Being a mom requires much flexibility, and an acceptance that even our best dreams and efforts will sometimes be thwarted.

    I'm up at 6:40 to get my kids off to school and it's still 9:00 before they are all gone and I can get out the computer. There's no way I'm functional before that! :( I know some who get up at 5 to write, but trust me... that would NOT be publishable stuff! I'll stick to my late nights. At least my kids are in school so I have a few days a week with hours to write. I'm so lucky!

    (and good for you!! I love that you are sticking with it, even when the kids conspire against you!)

  2. Wow! Good for you! I'd try it, but my son (7-yr-old) gets up so early (today it was 4 AM), it definitely wouldn't work for me. Night is my best time.

  3. This would be a hard one for me. I'm finding with having a 16 and almost 14 year old in the house they are staying up later, so I need to stay up later in order to get my one or two hours of alone time. But maybe I'll try, it would mean getting up at 6am. Let me know when you're going to do it.

  4. I wake up at six thirty... I don't think I can do earlier than that. But I will support you from the sidelines in your blogfest and cheer you on. Go, Jessie!

  5. I'm in. I can do anything for a week :D

  6. Heidi-You are lucky! I did try to write yesterday during the day with my kids. I got some done, but my baby kept pounding on my computer.

    Jessica-Those naughty little children! I don't know how they know.

    Janet-4 AM! Wow. At least you get to see the sunrise.

    Patti-That's a good crit partner! I think I'll do it next week.

    Candice-Okay, I'll hold you to that:)

    Jolene-Oh good, I'm glad you're in. I'm reading your book right now, by the way.

  7. Oh, funny. I just made a similar resolution. Trying to write with small children is a challenge. They want to be awake when we are.

  8. Myrna-Mine are so naughty. But so so cute.

    Lynn-5 AM? Then you'd be my hero.