Monday, September 19, 2011

You Are Such A....

I try to teach Jummers not to say words like "poop" or "stupid." Of course, sometimes I say those things, but that's beside the point. Well, being the innovative kid that he is he made up a new word.

Wonky Face.

He will sometimes use that little number on me when he's upset. "You are such a wonky face!" Whereupon I respond, "Don't use that word." Well, it's his word. He made it up. And now it's forbidden. Talk about suppressing my son's creativity.

But what is a wonky face? I'd really like to know. He won't tell me.


  1. LOL. Don't you just love the things kids come up with?! When I was little and mad at my dad I would say, "Daddy's a big boo-rah!"

  2. My son is EXPERT at making up words, and animals . . .
    SO much fun.
    My problem is keeping a straight face when I tell him not to use that word, when it really is pretty clever :D

  3. Shannon-A "boo-rah?" What a naughty little girl.

    Jolene-I often have to hide my face. But usually he figures out that I'm laughing. Which isn't helpful.

    I just remembered I "named" my children on my blog. Must fix.

  4. LOL! Hilarious!! :D I too, try to teach my kids not to say stupid. But I say it too much. Even without realizing it! :P

  5. HA. That's adorable. It reminds me of my son, who came up with the insult "punch butt." As in, "I won't do it, you punch butt."

    Yeah, we suppressed that one. :)

  6. Isn't it amazing how kids are able to circumnavigate the pool of forbidden words?

    My kids do the same thing.

    "Banana poppy head" is a favorite around here.

  7. I adore making up words! And I let my kids...but, they have to learn not to call names. Maybe you don't have to outlaw the word but just redirect his usage of it? Good luck, girlie! Kids are funny and difficult at the same time. lol

  8. Bethany-Hopefully with recovery comes better words.

    Chantele-My dad loves that word, but I tell my son that Grandpa is soooooo old, and we just can't change him. :)

    Renee-Well, that depends on what you were trying to get him to do. If it was something ridiculous like eating vegetables or cleaning his room then he is completely justified.

    Janet-Sounds like something good to eat.

    Jessica-You're right. Maybe tomorrow we'll work on the nice ways to use the word "wonky."

  9. Hahaha! My little brother used to say, "Oh tarter sauce!" (he learned it from Spongebob), and it always sounded so bad! I guess it was his tone. I love wonky face! Going to call my husband it right now!

  10. LOL! Kids are the best! They are so creative, it's such a darn shame they all grow up. They probably grow up because us moms keep squashing them. :)

    My kids aren't as bad as my husband. He eggs them on terribly. Sheesh. I will be glad when we have outgrown the potty-humor-at-the dinner table phase in life. It's been going on for 13 years. The end has to come soon, right?

  11. Elizabeth-That Spongebob! It's funny how your tone can make anything sound bad.

    Heidi-Growing up, my family was the worst at potty humor around the table. So I don't think it ends, but your daughter (not your sons)...when she is older....will unsuccessfully attempt to stop it around her dinner table. And the cycle will continue. At least that's how it is for our family.

  12. I think kids are the best entertainment. My daughter will say something funny then say to me, don't put that on facebook. I guess I've outer one too many times.

  13. Very cute story! My husband and I actually use the word "wonky" a lot, I think because we watch too much British television. Now I'm excited to call him a "wonky face" at the first opportunity :-P

    Growing up my mother used "Oh Murgatroid" to express frustration, and for the longest time I was convinced it was a swear word from a foreign language...

  14. You should definitely find a spot for that one in you MG story. Isn't it hard not to be proud of the creativity even if it is a tad bit naughty.

  15. Patti-That's funny! I like to put my son's funny little quips on facebook, too:)

    Jillian-I didn't know it was really a word! And my grandmother used to say, "heavens to murgatroid." No idea what that means.

    Candice-And if is really creative, I laugh...which might make him naughtier.