Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Writers in Motion

Thank you all my dear blogging friends for your loving words last week. This morning I took a walk with my kids. The intense south Texas heat has finally broken, and this morning just felt so invigorating and promising. I couldn't help but make plans and think of all things I wanted to accomplish and believe that I really COULD accomplish them.

A Really Smart Person wrote a blog post. I keep thinking of it not because he's my dad but because he's right. He relates a story of cutting a tree, and the force of the tree when it rebounded. (He left out the part in which my mom thought the tree was going to win.) He drew a metaphor that while directed at small business owners, I think can apply to everyone who hasn't reached their potential...especially to us as writers.

Trees are immobile and constant. They are docile, peaceful and harmless. They wave their leaves and branches in the wind as if to say, “Hey there. Hi. I’m here. I’m not leaving. Well, I am ‘leafing’ but I’m not leaving. I am staying here. I can’t move. See you around.”

We all become trees at some point in our life. With routine in our comfort zone, our roots run deep and our trunks become thick. We become immobile and constant; even docile, peaceful and harmless. We need to wave our arms occasionally so people know where we are. “Hi. I am here. I am not leaving. See you around.”

Give yourself motion. Make a move. Take a risk. Just do something. Anything. If you haven’t been mobile for a while, you will be stunned at the force you can create. At first it will be scary, but fear fades as you move into the moment. We fear things that might happen, not what is happening.

Stimulated, your mind will focus its power as you *visualize, plan, decide, sense, act, assess, respond. It will be awesome. It will make the bark stand on the back of your neck.

*insert-outline, draft, rewrite, edit

By the way, I was raised on metaphors. Maybe that's one reason I like to write. But isn't it true? We need motion. With motion, we'll surprise ourselves with what we can create.


  1. This is very true. I've seen this in a few things in my life recently. I love the line, "make the bark stand on the back of your neck." LOL Your dad sounds like a smart man.

  2. Great metaphor! And yes, I was just being prodded by another friend to get myself in motion. Very good advice!

    And favorite line: " We fear things that might happen, not what is happening." SO True!

  3. Jessica-Yeah, he's a pretty smart guy:)

    Janet-Nothing like friends to prod you into motion. I have one of those, but I keep resisting.

  4. I was just thinking along those lines yesterday, without the tree metaphor. Great post!

  5. I've been thinking a lot about this since we've lived in the same place for 14 years. I keep thinking I'm ready for a change, but my feet remain firmly rooted.

  6. Myrna-I think when the kids go back to school and the weather turns, it's easier to start moving again.

    Patti-The longest I've lived in one place is a few years. Fourteen years seems like a VERY long time. However, I envy you. I'm not for change. I'd rather stay in one place.

  7. ...I mean, since I've been married. Stayed in the same place growing up for a VERY long time.

  8. Holy mother of pearl, I just got chills with "Give yourself motion." I LOVE THAT. Thanks!

  9. Elana-Chills? Wow. Well, I think you've got more motion that most out there:)

  10. That's incredibly beautiful and insightful, and I think I love your dad.

    Facebook has been posting "Last year on this day your status update was..." and I've realized how I do the same things all the time, year after year, I could write the same status update. Obviously I need to do some uprooting in some area of my life.


  11. Heidi-Yeah, I think I love him, too. I have to go back and look at those Facebook statuses.