Monday, September 26, 2011

My Morning Experiment

Last week my family went to the Texas coast. The ocean was forever. The beach pristine. The weather perfect. And the best part? We had it almost entirely to ourselves. Whenever I return to the ocean, I remember how much I love it. Maybe it's not a coincidence that the sea plays a major role in both my books.

See how pretty? That's my husband and son in the water. My father-in-law is sitting in the beach chair reading. The little imp running toward the seagulls is my daughter. And there is my mother-in-law about to chase after her hat that has blown away.

Vacations always recharge me a little. I go back to real life with new ideas and new energy. This morning I woke up before my children to write. I have a really hard time finding time during the day to write. When I write, it's usually at night. And yet, that's still hard for me because I'm wrapping up my day then. Sometimes other things take priority. (Even though they aren't always necessarily more important.)

But in the morning? Nothing exists yet to clutter up my day. It's time I would otherwise spend sleeping. I wrote for over an hour this morning before Jummers tripped out of his room, fell on the floor, and commenced whining. And I got a lot done. I'm excited about this. I want to do it again. I shall call morning experiment and see if I can't get this book finished once and for all.


  1. Good luck!! I would LOVE to be able to do that, but I am the world's WORST morning person. :-)

  2. Mornings are great if I get to bed on time. Lately though, my mornings are too chaotic with getting my son to school, so I write later when I have the whole house to myself... No, I'm not bragging or gloating or anything. It's just a fact, I am home alone all day!

  3. Writing in the morning can be super productive. I wish I could do it more. :)

  4. I was doing great for a while, waking up early to write. Then I got sick and it all went downhill. But I'm going to start doing it again. I got so much done. No distractions, no hubby watching t.v. and making me want to watch it too. We'll see if I can start up the habit again! :)

  5. Patti-Darn that cleaning, always taking over my writing time.

    Shannon-I'm not much of a morning person either. But I'm DETERMINED. For now.

    Candice-The whole house to yourself? All day?! Yes, I'm a little jealous. A lot jealous.

    Bethany-I wrote way more in my morning hour than I do in my nighttime hours.

    Chantele-Those distracting hubbies. That's why we must write while they are unconscious.

  6. I've always wanted to do that. Get my rear out of bed early and write. My mind is just gone at the end of the day - like right now. I did do a morning boot camp for a few weeks - got there at 6am. Couldn't believe I did it. It helps though when other people are doing it too. I may just have to experiment with this myself - you have motivated me!

  7. Morning. *shudders* Can't do it. But seriously, if you can find a time that works for you, that is the best feeling in the world. As you nemesis, I say, I hope your son starts waking up earlier. Mua ha ha ha ha.

  8. Kelli-Do it! Maybe I'll just have to start something...a WAKE UP AND WRITE! blogfest. Or something.

    Kasie-I'm glad we're back into our nemesis groove. I mean, it just wasn't the same...all this nice and polite behavior.