Thursday, September 15, 2011

Let's Have A Writing War!

You know you've found a good writing friend when she calls you up on the phone and says, "I'll bring my computer over and we'll have a writing war."

So yesterday afternoon my friend who is Jessie but not me and who I will call "Jes" in my blog just to clarify that I'm not CRAZY and friending myself...came over with her kids and her laptop. However, a writing war did not ensue. I told her I was stuck in my pirate book, and she said, "Let's write in each other's books."

We caught up to speed on each other's books and switched laptops. And then for about 15 minutes when we weren't calming the screaming children, we wrote. And it was fun. It was completely stress-free because it was 100% and purely Just For Fun. Because we wouldn't keep it. It wasn't our own.

And the best part? I wasn't stuck anymore. She took my book to a place that helped me get past that block I'd come to. Plus we both made each other laugh, which is good when all around you is screaming. And more screaming.

Have you ever written in somebody else's book? Had somebody write in yours? You should try.

(And while I'm giving advice, I advise you not to go see Contagion on an IMAX screen. Because the germs are as big as your head. And it is not a coincidence that a few days later I came down with something. Although I studied Microbiology in college, I'm pretty sure there is a scientific explanation for this.)


  1. What a fun thing! I'm so jealous that you have a writing friend who lives so close with kids and stuff.

    I better go before I get too green . . . (jealousy? or illness from the giant germs you mentions? Your guess is as good as mine). ;)

  2. Fun idea! Never done so but I have no one around me that writes. Yeah. I live a sad existence. =)

  3. Sounds like a great idea!
    And although I didn't see Contagion on an Imax screen, I've still been extra paranoid about germs since!

  4. That is a brilliant idea! I have never tried it, but I think it's awesome! Thanks for the tip!

  5. That's a great idea, gives you a new perspective and I'm loving the change in your blog. Looks great!

  6. Jes-I don't remember evil. Except when you changed my MC's name to your MC's name. That was a little evil.

    Lois-Mostly solitary, but you have to mix it up. I'm glad you're back.

  7. I did a joint project once.
    It went SO fast.

    She'd write a chapter, and then I just had to react to it, and move the story forward. If I got stuck on a scene, I'd just write STUCK really big, finish up my chapter and send it on over.

    She UNSTUCK me several times.

    The project went really fast :D

  8. Oh, how cute! That was a GREAT idea!

  9. That is a very cool idea. Might have to try that with a writing pal. Unfortunately, we'd have to do it thru email, but it could work!

  10. That is such an awesome idea! It sure beats my way of getting through being stuck - which is pretty much to stare at the screen until my eyes cross and then decide I'd rather be cleaning bathrooms. That's when I know it's gone downhill.

    Sorry you caught contagion germs. :( Hope you are feeling better soon!