Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Copy Cat, This and That

On a completely unoriginal note and because I haven't posted since last Monday, I am going to copy Candice who copied Jenn and post something from my WIP. (This is from my middle-grade A Pretty Pirate Pickle, not Pieces of Moon, which is why my MC sounds like she's ten. She is.)

Bonnie, daughter of the cruise ship's captain, is spying on the new passengers with her aunt. And she is SURE the roguishly handsome musician is a pirate, ready to infiltrate the ship.

Aunt Mel grabs my arms, lifts them, and spins me around. “Okay, where is it?”
“Where is what?”
“That pirate book you're reading. Let me have it.”
“Why does it matter?”
She pinches her lips. “Oh, let’s see…” She counts off on her fingers. “Last year, after you read Anne of Green Gables, you named all the flowers in my suite.”
I scowl at my aunt. “Yes, but I only told you that because you are my bosom friend. And you never should have killed Darrin.”
“He was a daisy.” She doesn’t give me a chance to respond. “Then over Christmas, after you read the Chronicles of Narnia, you tried to look in every closet on the ship.”
"They were wardrobes, not closets." I shrug. “Besides, I've never had tea with a faun.”
“After you read Harry Potter, you were sure your parents weren’t your real parents.”
“But at least I didn’t claim to have magical powers.” I don’t mention the part where I stood in my room for an hour with a wand (plucked from an oak tree in Denmark) trying to cast spells. In fact, I used quite a bit of self-control. I never even touched the kitchen broom.


  1. Adorable!! The book that will make kids want to read all other books. What a cute/precocious main character. I love her already. Middle grade takes a talent for finding just the right voice and you definitely have that!

  2. Ha ha!! So fun!! You always make me wish I wrote MG books! :)

  3. Very fun! I love MG and your character sounds like a crack-up.

    P.S. I'm tagging you tomorrow (Fri.), just so you know. :)

  4. I love it. But I don't know if I support these random excerpts. They only make me want to read the whole book. Grrr.