Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why You Shouldn't Blog on a Widescreen

Because everybody looks HUGE. My regular computer monitor isn't working, and lately I've been using our TV instead. Now everyone I know, including myself, is a little stretched out, a little wide in the face. When I finally get a new laptop (the last two died due to my really bad luck with laptops which is why I'm buying another)(makes sense)...when I FINALLY get a new laptop everyone will look much healthier.

Which leads me to my post. Actually, I'm a little bit of a cheater because I'm spinning off Natalie's post on blogging today. I liked her Truth #3, in which she discusses the authenticity of our bloggy selves.

How much are we really like the person we portray on our blog (stretched out or not)?

I like to think that I'm pretty sincere and authentic. But...sometimes I delete. And sometimes I add something. And sometimes I sit there and stare at the screen and think about what I want to add. (And sometimes I sit there and stare at the screen and think of nothing at all.) (Can you imagine a conversation along these lines. "Please don't be creeped out by my staring, but I'm thinking of a witty response and these things just take time.")

Spontaneity is part of being sincere and authentic. And face it, we are all writers. As much as we'd like to say we are spontaneous in our blogging, don't most of us read through our post at least once before publishing? Spontaneity is something we get only in real life. Some of us have been blessed to meet one another in real life, but I know that my real life self is different. While Natalie claimed to be a little shyer, I'm actually the opposite. Maybe a little too much personality. My dad once described me as verbally vomiting on people. (For the record, I love love love my dad. He can tell me things like 'you verbally vomit on people' and I can laugh because he is right.) (The last time he told me this was in college ten years ago. I'm a little better now.) (He totally coined the phrase before Mean Girls.)

What about our profile pics? I'll be the first to say that I put up my best. You know, the one that catches you at your best angle with your best smile? Actually, the above picture is three years old. I look much more tired now and have wrinkles around my eyes. (You remember the part in (the newest) Freaky Friday where Jamie Lee Curtis looks in the mirror and says, "I look like the Crypt Keeper!" Yes, well...that.)

On the OTHER HAND, I share things on this blog about my writing that I don't share with those closest to me. Because they don't get it (and that's okay) but we do. We get the exhileration over A New Idea. We get the constant struggle to balance creating make-believe lives with our Real Life. We get the giddiness of finding that YA book at the library you've been waiting and waiting for and then staying up late reading it. (My husband doesn't get the whole reading YA fiction, but to this I say...Sweaty men running up and down a room full of thousands of people and bouncing a ball???) (However, my husband does support me in writing more than any real life person, next to my mom.)

So my point is, perhaps I am not my complete self. But you have part of me that nobody else has.

Bloggingly yours forever,



  1. I totally agree. I'm definitely myself, but not my whole self. You guys see the creative, sort of weird and crazy part of me. I'm more shy in real life, but once you get to know me I'm sort of a freak show. LOL :)
    My picture on my profile is not professional at all. My sister snapped of me sitting on my parents beautiful green staircase. I'm sure it's not my best picture, but as long as it isn't one of me when I first wake up in the morning, I'm good. ;)

    I love your posts and your comments. You sound like a riot! I'd love to meet you someday! :)

  2. I'm actually funnier in person, I think. As a former thespian, I rely a lot on physical comedy and comedic timing. Those are pretty hard to convey on the internet.

    So yes, I guess I'm basically saying:

    Renee on the internet=awesome
    Renee in real life=EVEN MORE awesome.


    P.S. Oh man, I am SO with you about the sweaty men in a room thing. It's been my mini rant whenever people would snicker at me for saying I like reality tv. I defy someone to prove to me that sports are more valid viewing.

  3. Ha ha ha! Renee, you crack me up! :D

  4. LOL I love all your parenthetical statements in this post. You were cracking me up. I'm louder and more obnoxious in person too (is that what you said? :) And like Renee I rely on facial expression/body language in my daily interactions so....yeah. Point? I don't have one....oh, no, wait, my point is that you are right.

  5. So true. I always put up my best pictures, too. And I agree with you about how I can share things here that I can't share anywhere else. I love that.

  6. Okay... so my mom always told me I have Diarrhea of the mouth. Actually, when you'd send home all those field trip forms for school, she wrote that on every one. Lol! Only one teacher didn't get it. The rest all laughed and nodded their head saying they liked my mom, but this one--she scrunched up her face and stared at me--stepping back--in horror for a long time. I was never treated the same again. Lol!

    Anyway, ahem. Just so you know, I so feel your pain. *grins*