Sunday, March 6, 2011

In an Eggshell

The other day as I was doing my laundry, I heard a sound that you should never hear inside your house. I heard a creature. Inside my dryer hose. My first thought was, "Mice! My life is over. We are moving BACK to Kansas." (There are mice in Kansas, but who things rationally when a creature is heard inside of one's dryer hose?)

When I calmed down, I went outside and looked up toward my second-floor laundry room. (The whole looking up thing should have been my first clue it wasn't a mouse since mice can't fly. I don't think.) There was a twig sticking out of my dryer vent. Birds are not nearly disturbing as mice and so I was at peace.

That night, my husband and I (with a very interested little boy standing by) unhooked the dryer hose and pulled out a nest. (And a lot of combustible lint backed up behind it, so we are lucky our bird didn't smoke.) I also pulled out one little speckled egg. I even did the flashlight test on the one little speckled egg and found...nothing.(Of course this meant I had no pressure to incubate the egg and raise the hatchling on ground worms. Phew.)

It made me think of writing...

Well, not really. I have no metaphor. I just wanted to share my bird-nest-in-a-dryer story because I think it's cool.


  1. lol, I was wondering if you were going to tie that story into writing. :) I agree, though. It's cool enough to stand on its own.

    However, you COULD have tied it in if the egg had a baby bird in it, and you could have nurtured it and fed it and watched it grow. Like a story!

  2. Wow. A dryer vent sounds like a nice place to incubate an egg. Nice and warm. We always get birds trying to nest in our garage.

  3. Those smoking birds can be so pesky!

    I rarely tie my posts to writing... Maybe that's why you are winning. ;)

  4. That is a way cool story! And of course a bird would want to live there! It's warm, and it has built in material to use for bedding!

    I'm glad it wasn't a mouse, too. :)

  5. I'd head back to Kansas too if it was a mouse. Of course birds kind of freak me out too, but eggs are okay.

  6. mmm... Panera. We don't have one here. :( You are so a beatnik housewife too. Writing in the moment. Love it!

  7. It IS a cool story. And if I wasn't so tired, I'd relate it to writing just because.

  8. That is cool. I actually saw some birds building a nest last week in one of my neighbor's vents...I haven't decided if I should tell them or not! (um..."Hi! I live a few door down and noticed, the other day while walking with my kiddos, that you have some birds building nests in your vent. I just thought you'd like to know." yeah, not sure how that would go over.) ;)


  9. I love your conclusion! Sometimes we just have to tell a good story, whether or not it "means" anything.