Wednesday, March 30, 2011

If Cows Were Clouds

I believe I have a very discerning son. For example, the other day I turned on music and began dancing around the kitchen. He asked me to stop. And the thing is, I can't dance. I'm horrible. So his taste is pretty spot on. (But maybe I really just scared him.)

Recently my husband asked me about my picture book (said it was really good), and whatever happened to that? Then my son, my very discerning son, started quoting the text from my picture book. And well, my husband's words alone were very encouraging, but the fact that my son liked my book enough to remember the words fueled the flame.

So I told my husband that I wouldn't stop until I queried 25 agents. I'd only queried five since I wrote it (received three no-replies, one form rejection, and one nice rejection that liked the book and invited me to query my YA book when I was ready). Five, that's it. (And this is since September.) So I started querying again.

I haven't shared much about my book other than that I wrote it, so here is my wee-little pitch...

Pudding instead of rain? Cheese instead of snow? Just what would happen if cows started grazing in our atmosphere? (Warning: This book is not for the lactose intolerant.)

By the way, I haven't been much of a blogger lately (that goes for visiting blogs, too) so if you are reading this you are a good friend. On the flip side I have been writing more. For many reasons. One which I will share with you soon.


  1. I am a good friend. And your picture book sounds extremely cute and clever. But what does my opinion matter, you already hit your target audience and that's hard to do with a toddler. I'm glad you're querying your book. Good luck!

  2. Your book sounds like fun. I think you should definitely query more. You might not want to use a rhetorical question for your pitch though.

  3. Your book sounds great! Good luck querying! It's so discouraging, but you never know when that one agent will say yes! :)

  4. Fantastic!! I love it! And I'd say that having one of five agents ask you to submit something else is pretty awesome.

    Go you!! No, really, go. Query. Write. Be amazing. We all know you are. :)

  5. Oh my gosh, Jessie!!! My kids would adore that book! Actually, I love the premise. And you only queried five? Get moving, girl. Get moving. :-)

  6. I LOVE your excerpt! Good luck with querying. I'm doing that right now, too, and it's nerve-wracking but the possibilities are so exciting.

  7. Your picture book sounds awesome. And, come on, Jessie, five queries?? FIVE?!? Seriously, fix that. :)