Monday, February 14, 2011

U R Cute

Okay, my title has nothing to do with this post, but the best thing about Valentine's Day is the candy hearts.

I wanted to let you know that starting today I am the new Monday girl on Mormon Mommy Writers. (For which you don't have to be a Mormon or a Mommy or a Writer to read, but if you are reading this blog, you can probably claim at least one of these.)

Now, after last week's post I must set the record straight that although I miss Kansas, I LIKE TEXAS. The library aside, it's a great place to be. It's warm. People are nice. There is good food to eat. Plus, although we left family behind, we more than doubled the family here.

Also, I must note that I did a facebook poll among my friends and family. Most claim that their husbands iron their own shirts. However, as it is Valentine's Day I might just pull out the ironing board.


  1. My husband is from Texas and he misses it so much up here in NH. He loved living there.

    I iron my husband's shirts, but that's because I work 10 hours less than him a week.

    Congrats on being the Monday Mormon mommy writer!

  2. My husband is very picky about his shirts. They go to the cleaners and come back just they way he wants them. I tried early in our marriage to do it, but we quickly went back to him getting them done at the cleaners. It saves a lot of heartache and is worth every penny. It's so much easier him being annoyed at the cleaners than being annoyed at me when they aren't quite right.

  3. Congratulations on the Mormon Mommy Writer thing. What an honor! And no, my husband doesn't iron his own shirts, but then fortunately most clothes don't wrinkle like they used to. I love that I can hang them up after then come out of the dryer and the wrinkles fall right out.

  4. My husband irons his own shirts, now I just have to train my boys,. Their future wives will thank me.

    I was wondering if you took that jig. I'll have to pop over.

  5. Yea! Glad you like Texas! Way to go Monday's Mormon Mommy Writer! I'll go check it out...

    I iron my hubs shirts...though I don't always do it cheerfully. But I am a SAHM and he works hard, so I feel like it's something nice I can do (and it saves us $$ sending it to the cleaner).

    P.S. I don't enjoy the candy hearts...cute to look at, nasty to eat! They taste like chalk to me! :P Happy V-Day!

  6. I have to clarify - when I said I don't think my husband has EVER ironed his own shirts, that didn't mean I do it!! We send out to the cleaners. Otherwise, he'd never have ironed shirts. :)

    I'm glad you are liking Texas. I'm a little jealous, as there are times I really miss it. We got Just Dance this weekend, and I totally rock the Cotton Eye Joe. :)

  7. Happy Valentine's Day, Jessie. I missed the poll, but my hubby does all the ironing in our family--ya know, when we actually bother to iron anything! :-)

  8. My husband irons his own everything. He also washes and fold his own everything and sometimes mine too. He's a very particular laundry guy (Air Force). I on the other hand hate laundry. Worst.Chore.Ever. And When did you become all posty again? I've missed a few.

  9. I'm glad you're liking Texas. Congrats on the Monday writer! Neither of us LIKE to iron, so whoever happens to be done first and not helping a youngster usually does it!

    Carla @

  10. My husband launders his shirts because neither of us want to iron them. :) I'm glad you're liking Texas. Like is better than hate but not quite as good as love so you have some room to grow. :)