Friday, February 25, 2011

Oh Mo!

I love Mo Willems. When I visited the library* yesterday, I picked up a few of his books. My son and I have already read the first two Knuffle Bunny books, (and are waiting eagerly to read the last installment.) I hadn't yet introduced him to the Pigeon, however, so we picked up Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! and The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog. If you haven't read these then do! He is such a good example of using very few words to say so much. And his illustrations are hilarious. My son laughed so hard, and even carried the books with him downstairs. (Meaning, the Pigeon was too good to leave usptairs.)

But as I discovered tonight, the Pigeon is setting a very bad example for my son. It all began with an attempt to put off bedtime.

He asked for a snack.


"But I want CARROTS!" (Totally a diversionary tactic. Would he eat the carrots? No, he would not. He'd look at his carrots while reveling in the joy of staying up late.)


Then he said, "Please, I'll give you five dollars."

This is an almost direct quote from the Pigeon (who says "bucks" instead of "dollars.") I've also heard him quote Pigeon a few other times today, although completely out of context.

The Pigeon is teaching my son the art of manipulation. Bad, bad Pigeon.

But I'll still read them. Over and over again.

*Good news. I found a better library branch in my new city, better than the last one I checked out! (But not as good as The Perfect Library back in Kansas.) But a definite improvement!


  1. That pigeon is a little trouble maker!

    However, I do love him.

    There's just something about that big eye.....

  2. Thank you for reminding me about the Pigeon books! I picked one up while in New York last year and gave it as a gift. I must keep a look out for more of them.

  3. That's adorable. I've actually never heard of those books (should I be admitting that?) I guess I need to check them out!

  4. My youngest is a HUGE Mo Willems fan! He came to the Book Fair in DC last year and I took a couple of her books to get signed, but the line was too long. Guess we aren't the only fans! :)

    Glad you found a better library. I'm not sure any will be as good as yours in Kansas, but better is good! :)

  5. We love the pigeon books too. Beware of Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late - he'll learn all kinds of stalling tactics. haha :) You'll have to check out - so fun! There's a game with all kinds of hot dog toppings - from dirty socks to scoops of ice cream. Funny stuff.

  6. Oh yes, we LOVE MO WILLEMS!
    There's a GREAT tutorial online on how to draw the pigeon. I know, I know, it seems like the most basic thing, but my 6 year old was able to do it perfectly with help. That's fun too. It started my kids on making their own pigeon stories :)

  7. I've never read these. I'll have to check some out. Max (from Max and Ruby) is my son's bad example. Sigh, these kids shouldn't be so sponge-like. :)