Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another Will NEVER Measure Up

We are now settled in our new place, and my life is steadily becoming normal again. I really, really like normal. I've already ventured into this strange city alone, navigating unfamiliar streets to visit the library for which I had such high expectations.

See, I was blessed with an amazing library the last few years. Or maybe just cursed because I will NEVER find another to measure up. This new library, for instance, was much too small and crowded, people sitting elbow-to-elbow around tables to read. I saw not one cozy nook to curl up in. (Not that I could curl if I wanted to since I had two small children.) My old library had couches around a fireplace with an occasional semi-authentic (gas-lit) fire.

And the YA section - it seemed wanting. For such a small library, I had a hard time spotting it. After inquiring I found its one shelf in the back corner, a few chairs crammed between it and the wall. The YA section at my old library covered a MUCH larger area. With computers and cozy seats, it invited teens to stay awhile. And I really liked all the new releases on one wall, covers out.

But what is MOST important to me in a library and my main excuse to frequent it often is...the CHILDREN'S section. MY OLD LIBRARY had the perfect children's section with trains and legos and a big reading bear to sit on that eventually died, or ripped, or maybe got lice. There were so many events for the children and the best storytime you'll EVER attend with sitting mats, dancing, and surprises. We had a Miss Vicky, among other great children's librarians, who knew my son's name from day one. This children's section just didn't compare.

Oh and one more thing, before I left Kansas...a librarian at my old and perfect library asked me how my writing was coming along. I don't even remember telling her. But she remembered. Now I am going to go wallow in self-pity.

(Did I mention my old library had no late fees?)

What do you look for in a library? (Besides you know...books.) And my husband would like to know if anybody else's husbands iron their own shirts for work. This is very important.


  1. We have a very small library, but the children's section is very inviting, and the librarians remember out names and preferences. We love our librarians.

  2. I love a library with a great kids section and comfy chairs. They make my daughter happy!

  3. When we moved here, I was so disappointed in the story times. We didn't do as much. I go to a small branch in a large system, and the thing I've learned to love is requesting books and getting them without stress.

    The shirt issue has come up in my marriage. For one year I did iron my husband's shirts. It was when we had one child child. After we had more i told my husband he could get the shirts that didn't need ironing (he has a very particular taste in clothes) or he was welcome to iron them himself, since I no longer had the time. He stopped buying shirts that needed to be ironed every week. Stand up for yourself!

  4. Husband irons own shirts. (Well, I suppose he would if he really needed his shirts ironed.....there is no way I could manage it with having to get myself and kids out the door by 7:00 each morning.)

    About the library....maybe there is magic in there, yet. After all, the best part is the books, right?


  5. I'm glad to hear your getting settled in. As for husband ironing shirt--no way. He would never, but I don't do it either. He takes them to the dry cleaners.

  6. I think your old library must have come from another dimension, where everything is cool. It sounds more like an expensive ski resort lodge than a library!